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About US

We,, earnestly wish everyone in the world have their own Kanji-name.

And it will be our pleasure that this service can act as cultural bridges between Japan and other countries.


HUGO, Incorporated can translate your business into the Japanese style, and introduce to the Japanese market.
Let us work as a team, and make your intriguing and potential business realize and activate in Japan!
If you are Information Entrepreneur, and interested in accessing the Japanese market, please feel free to contact us!

Saving of your work and time, you can improve your cash flow through our service.

Our Services
International Alliance Business.
International Marketing Business.
Support for Introduction of your business into the Japanese market.
Consulting Services for Direct Response Marketing.
Planning and Running Content Business.

HUGO Co, Ltd.
Otemae-Hills 2F 1-6-6Tsuriganecho, Osaka, Japan
Phone: +816 (4793) 1793
Fax: +816 (4793)1794

1. Scheme of "Kanji-Name.Real"
Facilities where new service with the role of a cultural exchange an airport user all over the world. We hope that they have Kanji-Name without constraint & speedily in AirPort facilities for people all over the world. Further, in the place, the customer can get the Kanji-Name quickly with the high-speed Internet line. which service can immediately receive Kanji-Name by "Kanji-Name.Real"
2. Scheme and the prospect for the future of "Kanji-Name.Real"
As for the shop of the first operating directly, our company is a schedule of the opening to American AirPort in 2005. After that we will be considering the situation, we will want to attempt the expansion to the franchise development with our stocked knowledge that is the shop of the first operating directly. "Kanji-Name.Real" When the business is begun, the expense of about 100 million yen is scheduled.
As for the influence on the achievement like sales etc. , it is schedules of the announcement again after it is undecided, and fixes the prospect of a present place.

HUGO,Inc. CEO Daisuke Nakata
Your Kanji-Name will have a profound impact on your business with Japanese.
Having Kanji-Name for your family, bringing your family closer.
You can use your correct Kanji-Name for your business cards, your tattoo or anything you want!
The most perfect gift in the world! Give someone special a Kanji-Name!
Option Service
Illustrator outline font file

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